Photo by Javier Arce

Hi, I'm Francisco Dans.

I build things that people use to make maps and since December 2014, I do that standing on the shoulders of CartoDB as client-side rendering developer.

I'm currently busy developing d3.cartodb, CartoDB's approach to vector tile rendering using SVG tiles.

Occasionally I make strange maps too, which you can will be able to buy prints of.

I've lived in Santiago de Compostela, Brión, New Cross, Brockley, somewhere between a syrup factory and an airport, Camden Town and Madrid.

I like traveling to strange places. So far I've traveled to two globally unrecognised countries. I'm fascinated by isolated lands that somehow end up inhabited. Like the Pitcairn Islands.

I have an (un)healthy obsession with Armenia, non-latin alphabets, sandwiches from El Corte Inglés's cafeteria, airplanes, opera, American standup comedy and Wikipedia.

Sometimes I rant on Twitter a bit too much, but if you want to email me I promise I'll be nice.